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  1. Joshua Koppel says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Reminicient of Aerobicise, July 26, 2004
    Joshua Koppel (Chicago, IL United States) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: TOTALLY NUDE AEROBICS (DVD)

    Way back at the beginning of the Aerobics craze, Ron Harris put out a video called Aerobicise: Beautiful Workout. This showed a number of women in spandex (a new material at the time) performing rhythmically, and some say erotically, in a stark white studio. The implied eroticism of this film (seen briefly in a scene of Risky Business) has been brought to full fruition in these two new films.

    This disk contains two nearly-identical films with only a difference in coverage. Ron Harris’s Nude Aerobics is just that. Scenes of women bouncing in aerobic poses almost identical to the original Aerobicise. There is no talking or explanations as to what each movement will help or provide but anyone who can keep up will definitely be in shape.

    The second film, Ron Harris’s New Aerobics, is identical to the first except that the women involved and wearing colorful spandex and not their birthday suits.

    The nude version includes extra footage for those who are watching for more than just exercise. When a small camera appears in the lower right corner, just hit the menu button on your remote and you will get a minute or two of a closer and often more explicit camera angle. To scan through this footage, just advance to the start of each track and hit the menu button. If the track has extra footage, you will see it at this point without having to wait for the camera icon.

    Nicely put together with a professional look. The stark-white set offers no distraction and adds an arty quality to the visuals. The original Aerobicise offered four “workouts” but this disk has more and each can be accessed directly by way of the menu.

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  2. Jenifer M says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Think of it . . . as a Totally Nude Screen Saver!, December 22, 2006
    Jenifer M (Orange County, CA, USA) –

    This review is from: TOTALLY NUDE AEROBICS (DVD)

    This is one of my favorite movies (of its kind) — from the late `90′s. In one sense, it’s a kind of visually appealing exercise video – with an entrancing disco-like soundtrack.

    In another sense, it’s a very beautiful portrayal of aerobics – which elevates the activity to be on par aesthetically with synchronized swimming.

    And lastly, by offering us both “clothed” and “nude” versions (which follow one another on the disc), Ron Harris, the creator, has given us something that is either the sexiest aerobics video ever recorded — or the ultimate workout video parody – or both!

    Hey, let’s face it. Aerobics is not just about exercise. It’s also about looking sexy – both during and after the workout.

    And for men – who probably end up undressing the women working out with their eyes anyway – this video saves them the trouble of having to tax their imaginations so strenuously!

    Each version of the video features ten workout segments; Stretching, Jumping, Group Stretching, Squats and Bends, Crunches, Body Movement, Aerobics, Cool Down, Leg Lifts, and a Group Finale.

    All of the girls (in the first half) are wearing thong-style leotards – which, as a costume choice, is probably a little ahead of its time! This garment selection also adds emphasis to each girl’s hips and shapely rear – while also making her legs look incredibly long!

    The cute babe who appears on the cover, incidentally – is featured solo in scene nine – “Cool Down.” Not only is she just as gorgeous in the video (both clothed and nude), if not more so – there are also some enticing close-ups of just her lips – which reminded me of my own experiences receiving enthralling lap dances from other female performers. (But that’s another story . . . )

    The women who perform are all fit, but in a feminine non-steroid kind of way. There are no six-pack abs, thank goodness – nor any tattoos or body piercings as well. Without exception — all of the women’s curves are enticingly soft!

    Each babe appears either alone or in an arranged group of women. And most of the performances take place on a giant revolving turntable – set against a totally white background – so the beauty of the girls is, without a doubt — the primary focus of this video.

    There is a bevy of nice facial shots — and all of the women are mysteriously attractive with deep-set eyes and ruby-ripe lips. Also present in each vignette is a teasing array of glances – “you know where” – that are all brief and tastefully captured.

    But it’s the overhead views – taken while the girls perform on a gigantic ever-turning Lazy Susan – which brilliantly reveals this aerobic sport’s undeniable resemblance to women’s synchronized swimming! (But please, don’t just take my word on it!)

    Moving on, as good as the “clothed” rendition is — the disc takes on a whole new dimension when one switches over to the “nude” version.

    The individual and group performances from the ten scenes in the “clothed” rendering – are then duplicated exactly in the “nude” presentation – to provide us with a very heady aesthetic experience indeed!

    As my husband explained it — “It’s like having x-ray vision — which is every adolescent boy’s ultimate fantasy come true! “

    Moving in tighter, given this video’s production year – the girls aren’t totally clean-shaven – which actually endows each performer with a much more natural appearance. But the most intimate shots are probably much briefer because of it!

    Lastly, all of the girls are attractively firm-breasted (with silver dollar-sized areolas or smaller) – which definitely adds to the video’s allure – rather than creating a distraction!

    In terms of usage, I sometimes find myself playing this video while I’m in the kitchen cooking — as a wake-up video for my husband in the morning – or occasionally as a refreshing (visual and aural) pick-me-up in the afternoon when I’m alone!

    As a suggestion for the present — perhaps Mr. Harris could offer us a remake – where the girls are totally clean-shaven (and maybe sporting some body art or other adornments). This would allow the camera to linger longer – and closer – while still retaining the delightfully sensuous visual appeal of the original! (Hey, maybe the times have changed – for the better!)

    If you enjoy the beauty of nude women (moving), `Totally Nude Aerobics’ is a video classic that will still entertain – ten or even twenty years into the future -just as it does now! Don’t miss out!

    p.s. I should also mention — that the unclothed version contains bonus footage scattered throughout – which ups the intimacy level significantly! Enjoy.

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